Do you want to join our team and help us take the next step toward creating a smart, innovative, helpful and modern financial service for everyone? We are constantly looking for talented people and offer various positions in our offices in Stockholm, Ängelholm, Helsinki and Jönköping

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What do you need to feel supported in your career development? We are always listening to the demands of the market and our employees so we can adapt quickly, offering whatever it takes to realise your ambitions.

Join an innovative, close-knit team creating modern financial services for everyone. You’ll find us in Stockholm, Ängelholm, Helsinki and Jönköping. We look forward to meeting you.

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Product & Tech

Zmarta puts the customer first and has a user centric approach. Our goal is to create innovative services where nobody spends a penny too much on their household economy.We are highly data driven and A/B-test the majority of our changes to see if the user appreciates the changes. Everyone is highly passionate about creating a better user journey every day and we have a lot of fun at work while doing that.Great products are built by autonomous teams that have the right tools for the job. We are agile and take responsibility for our products. We also use modern frameworks such as node.js and vue.js, and build components as Microservices. Furthermore, we work continuously for integration of deployment to our environments in AWS. Machine Learning technology is also used to ensure that we contact our customers at the right point of time with the right message.And because we know that it takes as much inspiration as ingenuity, we use hackathons, conferences, meetups, and our popular ‘Zmarta Talks’ forums to get those cogs whirring.Product & Tech are based in Ängelholm and Jönköping.


In our portfolio, you find well-known brands such as Elskling and Zmarta. We work tirelessly to develop our brands and their offers in order to stay ahead of competition. We put our products to the test, learn from the results and grow as a team. We never settle with good but thrive for great. Our department consists of MA specialists, performance specialists, marketing and communication experts, affiliate marketeers and content writers, all working together to provide top-notch marketing and market communications.


At Zmarta, we’re passionate about making private finances easy, by saving time and money for our customers. The customer experience is at the center of everything we do, and we pride ourselves on having short decision paths in a nonhierarchical organization. As an organization, we have an entrepreneurial approach, high ambitions and an open mind to new ideas and initiatives. The pace is fast and we’re accustomed to constantly juggle multiple tasks and projects, and get the priorities right. We strive toward a working environment defined by trust in our own and others’ ability, where everyone is confident making their own decisions. That’s how we can best develop, both as individuals and as an organization. We can offer a fun and challenging work environment with good opportunities to develop professionally, while helping people improve their private finances. Our services are used by more than one million people every year and have been used by more than three million households since the start.

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